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Adolescent Therapy

The teenage years can be an exciting, but often troubling time. If you notice that your teen is struggling with their emotions, or if you notice concerning behaviors, individual adolescent therapy can help. 

Individual adolescent therapy is a safe way for teens ages 14-17 to talk about their difficult emotions and learn the coping skills needed to get through adolescence and beyond. Individual adolescent therapy can be helpful for teens who are struggling with: 

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • stressors with family (such as conflicts with siblings or parents divorcing)

  • relationships with friends

  • stress with school and extracurricular activities

In therapy, we work with your child to develop coping strategies to manage stressors that arise at home and at school. We figure out the source of their challenges and work to break harmful cycles that may be impacting their relationships and happiness. We provide an environment that’s accepting, and we show teens that therapy is a place where they can relax and express themselves freely. I will guide them towards inner peace and help them find solutions to the problems that are holding them back from their full potential.

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Adult Therapy

Life is full of challenges that can be difficult to manage your own. If you’re struggling to adapt to change, experiencing conflict in your life, or dealing with what feels like anxiety or depression, you may benefit from therapy.

In individual therapy, you will have one-on-one sessions where you’re able to freely express and work through your difficult thoughts and emotions. It is for adults ages 18 and up who may be battling:

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • traumatic experiences

  • interpersonal-relationship difficulties

  • emotional distress

  • life adjustments

In therapy, we learn about the negative habits or patterns that may be holding you back from feeling your best and reaching your goals. We will work together to figure out the solutions that will help you feel in control of your life once again, such as creating boundaries within your relationships. 

With therapy, you will learn the tools that will promote inner peace and you will be able to use them to find solutions to problems in your daily life.

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Family Therapy

Everyone needs unconditional love and it’s from our families that we first receive it. This is necessary in order to function well and learn to build healthy relationships outside of the home. However, sometimes these familial bonds become strained and outside help is necessary. If you feel like you’re having a hard time relating to and communicating with your child, family therapy can help to resolve these issues.

Family therapy will help families are who are struggling with:

  • a family member’s mental health diagnosis

  • a family member’s medical diagnosis

  • conflicts or disagreements between parents and children

  • conflicts and disagreements between siblings

  • traumatic experiences

  • transitions that are impacting the entire family

Family therapy allows members of the family to work together to resolve conflicts and improve communication. It is a safe space for families to come together and heal. I give each family member the time to express their emotions and to be heard. I will also help parents develop skills to be the parents they want to be for their children. As a result, families will endure less conflict, and the home will be a more peaceful place for everyone.