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Teen Therapy
Learning how to cope with change

The teenage years can be an exciting, but often troubling time. Teens are often faced with the pressures of succeeding in school, learning how to express their emotions in a healthy way, navigating friendships and family relationships, and learning how to be a positive person in society. Sometimes teens need a safe and confidential space to express their thoughts and feelings outside of their family and friends. Individual adolescent therapy can be beneficial as teens are learning that it is okay and healthy to express yourself in a productive manner.


Within individual therapy, teens can learn coping skills, different ways of thinking, and ways to regulate difficult emotions. If you notice that your teen is struggling with their emotions, or if you notice concerning behaviors, individual adolescent therapy can help. 
Individual adolescent therapy can be helpful for teens who are struggling with:


- Anxiety-nervousness and anxiousness, constant worry
- Depression-feeling sad, no motivation, not completing school work or chores
- Stressors with family-such as conflicts with siblings, family dynamics, parents
- Relationships with friends- how to keep and maintain friendships
- Stress with school-pressures at school to succeed, managing expectations
- Self-identity-who am I, what are my likes and dislikes

In therapy, I will work with the teen to develop coping strategies to manage stressors that arise at home and at school. We figure out the source of their challenges and work to break harmful cycles that may be impacting their relationships and happiness. We provide an environment that’s accepting, and we show teens that therapy is a place where they can relax and express themselves freely. I will guide them towards inner peace and happiness, and help them find solutions to the problems that are holding them back from their full potential.

How long will my teen need therapy before I start seeing changes?

Therapy is a process, change doesn't happen overnight. In order to see quicker progress, weekly therapy
would be beneficial. Some teens may not need weekly therapy and can do bi-weekly
therapy to accomplish their goals. We will identify goals for therapy and review them
after 90 days to evaluate where the teen is in accomplishing their goals.

Will you share with me what my teen talks to you about?

Therapy is a safe and
confidential space for the teen to express themselves, however there are limits to
confidentiality. If the teens expresses self-harm to themselves or someone else, expresses
the use of illegal drugs and substances, or any other concerning behaviors, it will have to
be reported to the parents.

Can I join my teen in therapy?

If the teen consents, you are welcome to join the teen in
their sessions to work together on how we will best assist the teen in the completion of
their goals.

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