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You have taken the first step in finding that inner peace that you have been searching for. Change is scary, but is enlightening. Peaceful Resolutions was created to help women discover the inner peace needed to have more control over their lives.  


Peaceful Resolutions primarily works with women who may be dealing with anxiety, stress, life difficulties and trauma due to intergenerational trauma that may have been passed down through generations. Some of your behaviors, attitudes and habits may have been passed down from your grandparents, parents, and then to you. 


Do you lack emotional awareness and have trouble expressing emotions?


Have you ever been told not to address certain things and keep it buried?


Have difficulty knowing how to address your own needs but you know how to take care of others?

Feel like you have to have it all together all the time?


Some individuals are not aware that they have intergenerational trauma. My goal is to help you understand “you” and how certain family dynamics in childhood possibly contributes to your anxiety, depression, stress and a host of other mental health and physical health concerns. We are bringing these concerns to your conscious so it can stop with you. Through the use of an eclectic approach and open dialogue, we will bring more insight and awareness on behaviors and patterns that need to be changed, This in turn will give you a sense of peace.

Getting To The Root is The Path To Healing

Mission Statement

Utilizing an individualized approach to help women discover the inner peace needed to have more control over their lives and confidently overcome challenges.

Serving Teens and Adults in North Carolina

50 minute sessions

A Safe Space to be Authentically You

Adding Tools to your Tool Belt

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